UltraVap™ Sample Concentrator

UltraVap™ Sample Concentrator

Ultra-VapFor fast solvent removal from 96 well Microplates

    • For use in sample preparation, SPE, combinatorial chemistry and molecular biology
    • Unique spiraled needles create a vortex increasing speed of liquid evaporation
    • Two stage dry down using heated nitrogen, will dry down and remove 0.5mL of Methanol in 6 minutes
    • Simple touch screen prompted programming, simply program your method and Ultravap does the rest
    • Pre-fitted with solvent/gas evacuation tube if unit will be used outside fume hood
    • Small footprint of 7″ x 19″ which saves valuable bench space
    • Standard RS232 serial port for PC link to use with multi-programming or robotics


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