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Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

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FSSAI Licence No : 11216302000033

“Swastharakshak”, a novel herbal formulation, for degenerative diseases.

Free radicals which are produced inside cells, as a result of metabolic activity, cause damage to cells as well as bring about mutations in the genetic material, leading to cancer. Chemotherapeutic agents and ionizing radiations which are used for treating cancer, also produce free radicals. The use of free radical quenching agents, called anti oxidants provide protection to normal cells. Green tea, turmeric and other such herbal products have been shown to be effective in the treatment of cancers and tissue degenerative diseases. “ Swastha rakshak”, is a novel combination of green tea extract, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, which can be taken as a pleasant tasting heath drink, while offering unique protection from the bad effects of chemotherapy.

The product has been tested for safety and efficacy in animal model against a transplantable tumor and found safe and effective. It is also effective against a human leukemia cell line in an ‘ In Vitro ‘ model.

Directions for use

Health Drink

Place one tea spoon full of the powder in a dry teapot. Add two glasses of boiling water. Close the lid and keep for five minutes. The clear brew can be drunk with milk or no milk. Sugar/honey may be added to taste. The brew can be taken in the morning like tea or coffee.

In disease

Persons suffering from any degenerative disease and those taking chemotherapy or radiation can take the herbal formulation as in health drink; but with higher quantity and more frequently,three or four times per day. They can also take the powder along with fresh betel leaves and chew it and drink water, preferably after food.

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