Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.


Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd, 1342 Skanda Towers MCECHS Layout, Bengaluru was incorporated in the year 2000, as a Research and Training company in the area of Medical Biotechnology viz. Animal Cell Tissue Culture and Stem cell Technology.

In the year 2016, the company decided to exit medical biotechnology and enter Herbal drug research and production. It has acquired know how for a herbal health drink, which contains green tea extract and turmeric, ‘Swastharakshak’. The company has obtained a license from the FSSAI and has started production. The company hopes to market this product( Swastharakshak) mainly to hospitals which treat cancer patients and also to wellness centers in India and other countries in the World.

The company will be carrying out research and developing other novel herbal anti cancer products, one of which is a transdermal patch containing green tea extract and turmeric. The company has plans to also set up wellness centers especially for promoting holistic health in patients with degenerative diseases.

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Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd

1342, Skanda Towers MCECHS Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka,

India. Tel. 080 – 65652220

Dr. S.G.A. Rao, Director, Mob. 91 9845375288