“Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017” Post – Event Summary

“Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017” Post – Event Summary

Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017 Conference held at Hyderabad on 28-July-2017

The Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017 conference was held in Hotel Lemon Tree Premier, Hyderabad on 28 th July 2017, as a part of the series of the ‘Pharmacovigilance Day’ conferences organized in several parts of the world since 2014 and in India in 2016, by Italy-based conference-producing company EasyB srl. Dr J Vijay Venkatraman, Managing Director & CEO of Oviya MedSafe – a Global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services providing organization based out of India and the UK, was nominated as the Chair consecutively for the 2nd Indian Pharmacovigilance Day following the success of the three UK Pharmacovigilance Day conferences in London since 2015 and the Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2016 conference in Mumbai, which he chaired. The agenda was well-crafted to suit the contemporary professional interests of the pharmacovigilance stakeholders in India.

The conference started with a brief welcome address by Mr Enrico Pedroni, Managing Director, EasyB srl, Italy, followed by Dr J Vijay Venkatraman’s address as the Chair to the delegates about the nature and purpose of the conference. The conference started to sail with the perspectives and anecdotes by Dr Ammar Raza S on the topic, “Changing Regulatory Market Landscape in Emerging Countries: Impact on Pharmacovigilance”. This talk was followed by the next speaker Dr Arani Chatterjee, who enthralled the audience with his talk titled “Vaccine Vigilance – An Overview”.

The next session was Higher Functions in Pharmacovigilance, in which professionals from different
verticals in the discipline of pharmacovigilance participated as speakers and shared their thoughts on
specific high-focus areas in pharmacovigilance. The audience were enthralled with the knowledge sharing
by Dr Nitu Sinha on the topic “Drug Safety in Biosimilars” followed by Dr Mamtha B Nair’s seamless
presentation on the operational topic “PADER Vs PBRER – A Comparative Analysis of Aggregate Reports”.
This session ended with the speech by Dr Ankur Arora titled “Safety Signal Detection: Do reporting Biases
Matter in Today’s World?”

The audience were given an overview of the future of pharmacovigilance by Dr Vivek Ahuja, who
deliberated on “Automation in ICSR processing – Is Artificial Intelligence the Paradigm Shift?” a topic that
the audience were eagerly looking forward to. The next speech by Dr S D Sinha showcased the intricacies
and challenges involved in setting up “Global Pharmacovigilance in Indian Multinational Pharmacovigilance
Companies”. Both these speeches generated numerous questions from the audience which were answered
by the speakers, resulting in a participative experience for the audience.

The last session of the day was aimed at unravelling the experiences of Pharmacovigilance
Outsourcing from the viewpoints of a Client and a Service Provider. The colloquium titled “Operational
Excellence in Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing – Pros & Cons” was moderated by Dr J Vijay Venkatraman,
with the speakers being Dr P S Karthik Babu representing the Pharmaceutical Industry &
Mr Soumya Padhy representing the Pharmacovigilance Service Provider industry. Dr P S Karthik Babu
explained the pain points in pharmacovigilance which are expected to be resolved by outsourcing
pharmacovigilance and also about the checks and balances to be maintained when pharmacovigilance
activities are outsourced to a third party. Mr Soumya Padhy highlighted the benefits of outsourcing
pharmacovigilance activities and also went on to emphasize that a service provider could add lots of value
to a client, as a learned partner. The event ended with vote of thanks by Dr J Vijay Venkatraman and the
delegates left with the fulfillment of getting a bird’s eye view of all facets of Pharmacovigilance.

The conference was sponsored by Oviya MedSafe and had Express Pharma, Life Science
World and CIMS as its media partners.

For conference photos see: https://goo.gl/photos/WDJa81aAu9L9PvPn9