Asia Clinical Trials Innovation Summit 2018

Asia Clinical Trials Innovation Summit 2018

About ACTIS 2018—Outsourcing,Innovation and Supply

Over the years, Asia has increasingly become the hotbed and destination for the clinical research. From one side, increasingly global pharmaceutical companies have recognized the importance and advantages to integrate Asia into the global early and late phase clinical development but also meanwhile the Asian clinical research markets are further driven and facilitated by the rapidly transforming Asian Local R&D Innovation.

ACTIS2018 are going to be focused on the biggest challenges in the industry currently, including, but not limited to supply requirements and regulation, quality assurance and working with the correct CROs.

A part of our highly successful Clinical Trials series, the event, which attracts over 250 attendees, will build upon ACTIS 2018 and examine partnerships and outsourcing strategies; vendor management, sourcing and selection on both regional and global levels ;key regulatory changes and the effects these have had on Asian market access; best practice techniques in clinical operations; Data Collection, Quality,Safety and Risk Management; and so by visiting you will learn multiple techniques for better vendor sourcing, managing relationships, supply efficiency, trial operations management as well as logistical hurdles such as ‘packaging and labelling’, ‘temperature maintenance and cold chain’, ‘shipping, distribution and logistics’, – all of which will improve the success of your trials and the commercial objectives of your company

With over 40 speakers and estimation to bring over 250 clinical professionals, the key congress topics will cover:

—  Asian Regulation , Development and outsourcing Strategies

—  Asian Clinical Operation and Project Management

—  Drug Safety, Clinical Data Collection and Management

—  Developing the Flexible, Strategic and Innovative Partnership

—  Novel Theories, Clinical Innovation and Quality Assurance

—  Clinical Supply Efficiency, Temperature Maintenance and Cold Chain

—  Packaging and Labelling, Shipping, Distribution and Logistics

On behalf of the committee, we sincerely hope primary discussions, topics and invitees would come across your scientific and strategic interests and the whole summit will be consisted of keynote speeches, panel/roundtable discussions, open Q&A sessions, booth and poster exhibition and guided networking sessions for all professionals and management who are working for the drug development programs in Asia

Event Name: The 3rd Annual Asia Clinical Trials Innovation Conference 2018

Date:  April 25th to 26th,2018

Venue: Wyndham Bund East Shanghai,China

Contact Person: Marketing Department

Direct Line: 86 21 31602153